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Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 49

Peace, Love, Family Fun

To start things off, I thought I might as well start with the coolest thing that happened this past week! 😃

Women's Conference...... for sisters, but for us the Men, we had a Baptism.  Conveniently enough during the Women's conference, for your information we didn't plan it that way. Our amazing Friend Evan, who was getting Baptized set it that way, because it was more convenient for his fam, despite the conflict, we had major attendance from the ward, even some women sneaked out of conference to support our newest member Evan Pauls! Elder Van Wagoner was the one who dunked Evan and it took two tries, because his wedding ring didn't go completely under the first time💍 The talks were inspired, we asked Damian who never helped us teach Evan, give a talk on Baptism and it turned out that he knew Evan's dad and they had an instant connection. Bro. Shaw who helped us out from the very beginning of Evan's Journey, gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and he did Magic Tricks!!! All in All, the Baptism was a very Spiritual event, we even got a new member who just moved in a week ago to bring the best cheesecake brownie dessert you have every had 😂

Now everything else I have to say will not be as exciting as you have just read above, but contain the other matters of my week.

We got called in to give a blessing and we just so happened that we were at a members home, so they took us to the hospital and they were surprised how fast we got there, because the guy just asked for a blessing. We were able to give a blessing to an InActive Member right before his Surgery and he promised us he was going to be active again 👍the timing was the Lords for sure.

We had Dinner at the Lutheran church we do service at and some people stared at us in a demeaning way, others came up to us and said we shouldn't be there (very rudely might I mention), but then the Lutheran members that knew us, came up to us and greeted us nicely and made sure we were comfortable and got us anything we wanted making it an extremely awesome experience.  We had our Investigator Charlotte and her Kids and she was shocked at how nice these people were to us 😋 considering that we do service for them every week...
We had another occurrence at the West Gate Chapel, another place we do service for, we were having lunch, when this guy next to us started asking questions about our church and he really wanted to know what we believed, so we started teaching him and everybody else at the table.  Then a member of their congregation came up and was not happy, he joined our conversation trying to bash us, but we wouldn't let him, so he left... Then he got his Pastor to talk to us 😒 It was kind of annoying considering we were just answering peoples questions. The not so happy man then continued to bash with us. This is when it gets good, the Pastor turns to his own member and rebukes him for bashing with us 🤘 That was awesome, we then had a good rest of our lunch, again a church we do service for every week...
 Our Awesome District

It was great Sunday: Evan got Confirmed a member of the Church and Tristan passed the Sacrament for the 1st time! Tommy a Less Active kid we have been working with gave a talk on Prayer, it was so good for him to do that, it shows that he is becoming more active😎 Brandon our 12yr old Investigator came to church for his first time and it was fun explaining every little thing we do to him, because his knowledge of church was zip. Jennifer also came for Sacrament and she is a very spiritual person, maybe a little too spiritual, but we still love her, she is excited about learning about our church

Today we had a mission 5K, no we didn't run, we walked it and we did it as Zones, it was pretty fun and the lunch they had afterwards was awesome, some of the best Hotdogs I have ever had!
It also explains why this email is later than usual 🙄

Anyways Remember Miracles happen, sometimes on there own, sometimes you need to make them happen, however Miracles always happen!

Much Love and Many Prayers, Elder Larson

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