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Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 48

Edmonds has another Baptism this Saturday!!! 

Evan (Stud Muffin) Pauls is so excited for his Baptism, he has already told his family about it and is getting full support from them πŸ€˜ To add to the major excitement that is Edmonds, we officially have Sisters working in the area with us and surprisingly they do not have a car πŸ˜² it's crazy Sisters in our mission always get cars, our Sisters, sister Peterson and Rothey are the only Sisters without a car πŸ˜§ Nevertheless they are hard workers figuring out the Bus systems and they already have a full teaching pool, basically all our Female Investigators have been handed off to them! The ward is stoked about having sisters now, most thought that we had left (They took our names off the Program and put the Sisters names on it) Lyle our Ward Mission Leader is super Excited and has been scheming some major stuff, so be prepared... 

This past week, I took a little visit to Mountlake Terrace area on an Exchange with Elder DeGraff a pretty new missionary, met a lot of their Investigators and some of them were bums, they expect that God will just do everything for them, I really just wanted to step up and say "that is not how it works! God helps those who help themselves", but it wasn't my place to say, it was nice to get to know Elder DeGraff, he himself is a convert to the church and he has so much Charity and Humility, such a good Elder, yet he is at the same time Borderline Insane, we meshed pretty well together πŸ‘ we re exchanged at the Senior center with Elder Gale an Van Wagoner, Kathleen one of the elderly people was on one, she told Elder Van Wagoner that she was going to kill him! then she turned to Elder Gale and Cussed him out dirtier than a Sailor πŸ˜“ needless to say I Love old People, Bless their Hearts πŸ’ž 

We were saved this week, we were at the bottom of our area, 8pm missed our bus and it was going to be a long cold walk home. Earlier in the evening we set out to find a referral, now mind you we did not have a address, just a general location, so we knocked them doors and we couldn't find the referral and the people were vicious, except for one nice lady. We knew we were not going to make our bus, so we prayed for a miracle, in the middle of the street, we knocked one last door, hoping it was the referral, sadly it was not πŸ˜Ÿ and thats how we ended up late for the bus at 8pm with a long journey home ahead of us on the cold streets of Edmonds... That was when a car came screeching to a stop right by us, it was the Morris's, an awesome family that had just moved in, they saved our butts for sure, they asked us where we wanted to go and Elder Van Wagoner and I both said Tom, so they dropped us off at Toms and he lives 5 mins away from where we live, we had a great lesson with him and his mother in-law and set a return appointment for the Sisters to come back πŸ˜ƒ Miracles Happen People!

Coolest Highlight this week, Tristan Webb, who got Baptized two weeks before received the Aaronic Priesthood, he was very shy and nervous about it, apparently he doesn't like being the center of attention πŸ˜’ Seriously though this boy is my hero, he does whats right and doesn't want recognition for it, we can all learn something from this Stud πŸ˜€ 

That be it for this week

Love sprinkled with more Love, Elder Matthew Larson

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