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Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 46

Fabulous Miracles have been Happenin this week!

To start it off: 

Zone Sports Day, Played Rugger (Rugby/Soccer) It was a very interesting game and your home boy was a great goalie πŸƒπŸ‰ Other than that, our Zone has been the best Zone in the mission last Transfer πŸ€˜super unified in one cause Sharing the Gospelllllll 

Received a referral for Lydia a 17yr old girl, but we went by and she has turned 18, so we has to refer her to the YSA ward, but we met her friend, Allie she is 15yrs old and wants to learn, Yeah a new Investigator for us and YSA!

A part Member Family the Petersons moved in and the Nonmember Husband wants to take the discussions, his name is Warren he is 86 πŸ˜² he looks 60, I promise

Lizzy a 13yr old girl has been going to young womens for the past year and recently started coming to church, we introduced ourselves and now she is taking the discussions and her 11yr old brother Brandon has been attending Young Men's and wants to learn more too, Awesome Sauce!

Evan our amazing Investigator has agreed to Baptism on the 24th of this Month πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Charlotte another Investigator has had some messed up things happen to her recently, we didn't think she would come to church, but she did, she even rode her bike to church! she said and I quote "I didn't want to be home thinking about the messed up things in my life, I wanted to come to church, because people here care about me" πŸ˜Š isn't that what church is about? to worship Heavenly Father amongst friends that care about you

 Of course some of the Greatest Miracles are that Ed got Baptized, three weeks and 2 days since initial contact πŸ˜ Now I'm a believer in three weekBaptizing :) Leo a 80yr old man Baptized him and Ed almost didn't make it πŸ€—

Tristan got Baptized last Saturday and the room was packed, so much love and support for Tristan and his family, his mom Jill was so proud and happy for Tristan, she is an amazing member and has increased her faith since she was baptized 2 years ago πŸ˜Š Tristan the Stud Muffin is already working on family History and we are hoping to go to the temple with him soon!

These past weeks I have been praying hard for Miracles and when I see one great or small, I remember to thank God for it. I know that when we show an attitude of Gratitude that the Lord will bless us! πŸ˜‰ I most also say that when you choose Love, you can never lose πŸ’•πŸ’ž

Peace Out Dudes
Your Brotha in the Gospel,    Elder Larson ✌

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