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Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 47

Ello Mates

This past week has been full of scares and excitement

For Elder Van Wagoner and I have done what no Elder has done before (I think)
we got permission from President Schofield himself to drive a sisters car 😲 because Elder Van Wagoner needed a ride to his Allergist appointment and no Elders could give us a ride, so we took the Sisters car leaving them to walk for 3 hours, I felt so bad, but at the same time it felt so good, Because My comp and I both took a turn driving, It's been so long, it felt so good. When you go awhile without driving, it's like not going to school, you know your stuff, but your out of Practice🤗

Well i'm not here just to talk about that, I'm pretty sure you all want to hear the juicy stuff

well to kick it off, Evan our current On  Date has learned it all! 🤘 without us asking he wanted to learn the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chasity and Law of Tithing at the same time. He is completely ok with paying tithing, since he has been already for 2 years 🤑 Chasity "phew" the Man is Married and wants to keep it that way👫 when we taught the Word of Wisdom though, he said "guys I only have one problem, I drink Coffee", "No problem" we said , then he said "I didn't drink Coffee today though, because I ran out, so this is perfect timing, Ill just stop buying Coffee and throw my Coffee Maker away"!  😜 Yeah! thats whats up! Evan is a super Stud!!! we look forward to him being Baptized Sept. 24th! we just need Prayers that this man can and will overcome Coffee!

We got Major news:

Edmonds is getting Sisters.... 

Elder Van Wagoner and I will... be,,, STAYING!!!

They are going to have us work along with the Sisters in Edmonds 😎 

The Excitement continues in Edmonds, to think on my Birthday April 15th I got a call saying I was being transferred, I was upset, because West Seattle was fun, but the Lord knew what was best for me and gave me an awesome gift, the opportunity to serve in Edmonds! we all think that we should get what we think is good, but when we follow the Lords way he gives us what he knows is best!

We Have major plans these upcoming weeks 👍 but as for now we are going to a Funeral Service for our Ward Mission Leaders Dad who passed away last week, Lyle and his wife Bonnie are the sweetest family I have gotten to know on my Mission, so we are going to support Lyle with his Loss 😢😭😧 But the death is not the end 😂 because of Christ, Death has no Sting and the Grave No Victory! 

Peace out ✌

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson

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