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Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 43

Man where do I even start? I guess I will start with the BoM Club! The club went fantastic, we do something different with it, instead of holding it at the church building we hold it at members homes, this time we held it at the Pickitts house and their house is big and beautiful and they really ran the show with the discussion. Ana Luiza and Charlotte showed up and we read 1 Nephi Ch 5 to 7 and we had 16 people there 😀 it was the best turn out yet!!! We did Service for Jan Lee a member, helping her build a Bunk Bed and helped her put in new doors, her husband Dave a Nonmember is so cool and we finally figured out how we can get to him *Mischievous laugh* Went on Exchanges to the Spanish Ward and oh boy, my High School Spanish was useless, but I could pick up the conversation the second they talked about food cause lets be honest whatever language it is, you know when somebody is talking about food🌮🌯 had a great Italian Dinner with a Spanish member who could speak fluent English thank goodness! I was with Elder Simons by the way during that exchange he was cool, I was nervous when he was driving, because he is blind in his right eye, but I lived through it so it's fine! Made Poptart Milkshakes with this 14 year old boy we are working with, his name is Daniel he has had an abusive father and a harsh past, but he is also really spiritual and we made some awesome Poptart Milkshakes you all should try it! Daniel's Sorta Brotha was there and he was excited about the milkshakes that he also wanted help in making a Japanese dish, so it was a great meal! Cathy, Daniel's Grandma was so grateful that we were befriending her grandchildren and teaching them about Christ even though she is not Mormon she respects us and we respect her 😊 Talked to Jamie a Less active boy we are teaching, showed the new Mormon Message Life's Drama and he really liked it and said that the more he is around us the happier he feels, we committed him to pray and be sincere too, because he is a great kid he justs needs to know there is a father in heaven who loves him! Went to a child of record Baptism for the Keoki Shaw and the Shaws are a huge Starwars family, they are cool, they have a son that is 3 named Andrew and Andrew really likes me and shares his candy with me and he gave me a hug and the parents were like "He never does that unless he really likes you", which is funny, because he could never remember my name, he calls me "You Guy"! 🙃  

Now for my Favorite Event this Week!!!!


Yep we had a Bounce House Party. we held it at our Ward Mission leaders home and we invited members with young families to it, so lots of kids! Charlotte our Investigator made it and she brought her Kids Ethan(11) and Kylee(7) and those kids went crazy and made a lot of new friends! the Barbecue part went swell we had some Part Member Families there so it was great to have fellowshippers to befriend them! the best part was when Ryland(7) wanted to go into the Bounce House, but couldn't, because of a hand injury, so he could only go in if everybody got out, but even then he didn't want to jump unless somebody was in there so he had ME go in there with him, so I bet everybody was like " what is that missionary doing"! 😂  All in all it was fantastic, Ethan, Charlotte's son told Bonnie(Ward Mission Learders Wife) that he had a lot of fun and that he was thankful that he was invited! Charlotte told us that Ethan never says thank you by himself, Ethan has also had ruff couple of months since his Father and older brother left their family😢 it seems like we are doing something right, but really it is the Lord who is touching Ethan's life and reminding him that he still Loved!!!😊 

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