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Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 36

Last Pday we played Golf with Bro Hunter and surprisingly I was able to hit the ball straight, maybe I can go into Golfing after my mission πŸ˜‹

The rest of the week went along smoothly, Elder Sorensen and I are going to step it up this transfer πŸ™‹ So look forward to some major excitement!

Played a lot of Basketball with kids on the street, sorry Mom, but we have been playing in our white shirts and slacksπŸ˜… Our weekly Book of Mormon club went amazingly well again, reading 1 Nephi 13-14, it's been really good especially for our Recent Converts and Less Actives coming back and even for myself, I learn more from it and how it applies in my life! Did our usual services at Annies and the Food Bank. They were happy we were not transferred. We live action role played the plan of Salvation with our 8yr old Investigator Caitlynn Kille. Went on Splits with Lyle and Bro. Hunter, I went with Lyle to teach Charlotte about Forgiveness and Elder Sorensen and Hunter taught Linda the Word of Wisdom. 

Zone Blitz: Seattle/Everett Missionaries visited all the Less active Single adults and we met two very cool adults, one is going to Kenya Africa and the other doesn't want to go, because he said the people in the singles ward are single for a reason, but we will push him along. πŸ˜ƒ  Ate lunch at Five Guys with the Relf family, I was confused, because there was no fry sauce, but I later learned thats apparently a Utah thing πŸ€—

Stake Conference, we sat in the back, Cause we the cool kids πŸ˜Ž with Linda, she liked it a lot!
Had a really blessed Sunday and hope all of you did too, going to Church is the best habit you will ever make! and I truly believe in that. I love you all and pray for blessings and miracles in your lives!

With Love, Elder Matthew Larson

P.S. Happy B-Day Bri ☺🍰

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