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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week 40

Meeting meeetings meeeeetings many meetin's 

Monday: Played Basketball with a bunch of Chinese guys, we were just walking down the street and saw them playing and thought let do it. Sadly my church clothes were preventing me from playing my hardest, but it was super fun and these guys didn't know to much English, but they could still speak sports!

Tuesday: Met with Less actives without steak! Started a Book of Mormon club and we only had two people show up a Less Active and a Recent Convert, but we are expecting more tonight! this will be a ongoing club.

Wednesday: Service at Annies cutting them Vegetables, Dinner with the Hickman's, Bob Hickman is famous in the Medical Field! he is experiencing Dementia, but he still kicking! Threw football around with a PMF

Thursday: Zone Conference all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was drained by the end of it!!!!!!!!

Friday: Help Thessians with moving paintings. Went to a barbeque, but the catering didn't show up till after we left, but it was fun still talking to many nonmembers. It was at Bro. Relfs house and he has all the equipment you will ever need to have fun. His daughter Alana is 3 and as we were leaving she cried "wait you can't leave without a hug and kiss", so I hugged her, but left her hanging on the kiss, it was one of those funny ordeal!

Saturaday: Talked to Meckenzie our investigator she had two family members go to the hospital, but she is super cool. Met up with Jill Webb, the lady we skyped with on Mothers Day!

Sunday: Church. Dinner with the Franklin's.

Monday: District Meeting. Met up with lots of Investigators

Today: Temple Trip! thats whats up!!! 

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