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Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 39

What more can I say than to you has been said!

My week!

Mon: Went to a Store that sells Root Beer only, it is owned by a member, so we Missionaries get half off and this store has all root beer imaginable, if you have any fav. brands email me and ill try them! Got a free haircut at Sportsclip, I went to pay and the lady said "no it's fine, free of charge",  that was great usual haircuts are $23 and with tip, because I do Tip, it costs more so I was blessed with that experience. Visited members from a different ward, Edler Sorensen really wanted to see them and they were really cool members with the most human personality dogs I have ever met! Ate dinner with Bro. Lee and he is an amazing Cook and a jokester!!!

Tues:District Meeting, Elder Schoen bore great Testimony about the our relationship with Christ and how Christ is there with us every step of the way. We had a great day talking to people, nobody interested yet, but we are representing the Lord the best we can.ate dinner with Mitchells taco tuesday!!! visited the Smiths and they had a Parrot that reminded me of the Veloceraptors from Jurrassic Park, this parrot was eyeing me like it wanted to eat me and had this really wierd creepy old guy laugh!

Wed: Service at the Lutheran church cutting Veggies, ate dinner with Jarmassio's. went to mutual talking to all the nonmember kids that come. Gave a blessing with some Elders from the Everett Mission, Odd circumstances indeed.

Thurs: While tracting we saw the YSA(young single adult) sisters tracting as well and it was crazy seeing other missionaries, what are the chances! Accidentally found out how to make Taco Bell Sliders, haha now I know the Recipe! Met members at Burger King.

Fri: Zone Training. Gave an Investigator a bike, because we had an extra one on hand. Tried out excercise equipment Jan Lee a member had and ate Glop Burritos.

Sat: Talked to some Pissed people in the morning, cleaned the church building. Visited some Less Actives with Bro. Shaw. Went to a child of record Baptism and it was us, the parents, and their four kids. That was the smallest baptism we went to. Visited the Cheeney's and helped them build stuff for the mom for mothers day.

Sun: Mothers day. Saw Morgan Freeman. More importantly I saw my Mom!

With love Elder Larson   

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