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Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 38

Here is my week;

Monday: Visited Part Member Family and Vincent the Non-member is awesome, he owns his own business and every time he thinks about joining the church something bad happens, but his wife Blanca made us Fish Tacos and I learned that cooked fish tastes way better than Raw Fish!

Tuesday: Went on Exchange with Elder Johnstun and he is a really cool Elder, he has super blunt Attitude and I love watching him talk to people! We had dinner with his Bishop and it was funny, because one of the sons an RM got his Wisdom Teeth pulled out and he was acting crazy the whole time, we asked for referrals and the basically reffered everybody on there street. Then before we went in another member bought us Taco Bell, so we ate two dinners!

Wednesday: The bus was super late, so Elder Johnstun and I didn't get to do much! Exchanged back at 5pm due to late buses(neither of us had a car by the way), went to dinner with our Bishop, Bishop Havens and we ate at a restaurant called Claires. The Monte Cristo (Ham & cheese sandwiched covered with egg and powdered sugar), was to die for!!! Met the Webb's fam. they are also cool, the mom is a Recent Convert, but some of her kids are not members yet, so it was fun to meet them!

Thursday: Ate Mod Pizza, just wanted to throw that out there! Mom & Dad always talking about Mod, well we found Mod in our area, so life is good! Did service at an Old Folks home talking to and helping the Elderly, some of them say the darndest things about pumas being in there yard and forgeting my name every 7 seconds, it fun super fun though! Talked to Charlott an not so really Investigator, because she doesn't come to church, but she reads and prays, so we have something to work with.

Friday: Jehovah Witnesses knocked on our door today and when the saw the tag they stepped back and I was just waiting, because I really wanted to see how they preach to people at the door, sadly they were just like "oh your Mormon Missionaries, have a nice day!", I was upset they didn't think we were good enough to save, I guess we were not one of the 144,000! 

Saturday: Did service for some members, that are crazy star wars fans, we mowed the huge lawn then battled the kids using lightsabers, it was fun. Got Sunburned, so I better start using that sunscreen!

Sunday: Taught 12yrs olds & priests, both well done! Dinner with the Hills, they have a son Marrius and he is crazy and absolutely obsessed with Minecraft, it is strange most youth in Seattle are absolutely bonkers for Minecraft! Played Basketball in Church clothes with a bunch of kids on the street, it was amazing some how I didn't suck when throwing! Anyways that was my week and it was fun Ill be happy to see all of my fam on sunday!!!!!

With Love Elder Larson

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