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Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 37

All I got to say is, that Edmunds is  b e a utiful! This area also has a nice beach and nice parks and the ward is incredible, there are a ton of Part member Families, so we visit them all the time and our mode of transportation is a bus, I finally know what it feels like to travel by bus!

I got Emergency Transferred because Elder Sorensen's old comp went home due to medical problems, and a Elder came back to the mission after going home due to a broken leg.  Since Edmonds is a bus/walk area thay couldn't exactly put him there and since I was in a car area, they put the wounded missionary in my area and me in Edmonds, thats the story and I'm stickin to it!

Mon: Dinner with Mitchells, they are a cool family and we had Hamburgers, their kids had a lightsaber dual it was funny!

Tues: District meeting, I was introduced to the District and everybody is awesome! I had dinner with the Hunters and bro. Hunter is a big guy, works in the police force, and is second counselor to the Bishop! The oldest son Joey is gatting married this Sat. not last Sat. that will be exciting!

Wed. Did service at Annie's kitchen, cutting fruits and meat, mixing stuff, just perfecting my Culinary skill ya know. Met the Relf's family, they have so much cool stuff, the ultimate party house! They have nonmembers in the family, so they really want us to come and spread the good word to the rest of the Family! Dinner at Tony's place and he is a big Jamaican man just full of Spirit. The whole time we were there he just blew my mind about so many historical things I didn't know before, he has a high IQ, but what gets me the most is this guy absolutely loves Joseph Smith! We asked him if there was anything we can do for him and we were in his room and he had us shut the door, turn off the lights, and lock the door. It was a crazy night!

Thur. Service at WestGate Chapel, helping them with their food bank, we do more service for different churches than our own over here, everybody is so appriecitive of our service, because we give it our all!!! Dinner with Jolly's, they have been in every ward so far, different people same last name, they were cool and made us Hamburgers, man a lot of grilling lately, since the sun has been out!

Fri: Zone Interviews, Saw Prez and his wife and they are just so darn genuine and sincere! Played Basketball with the West Gate Chapel guys and had a really intense game, Dad would be proud I scored a few hoops on these big guys that could literally dunk it like it's nothing! Dinner with the Krilaviches a very interesting family, we talked alot about exotic places!

Sat: Met the Abel's, a LA family, but they are really cool! Our Ward Mission Leaders son served his mission in Chandler and left the same time I left. Cory Smith is his name and he never served in our ward, but he knew a lot of missionaries in our ward, like Elder Dias-- shout out to that cool cat!

Sun: Taught gospel Principals class, did real well. Went on a Blitz with Bro. Smith and visited LA from years ago. Ate Dinner with the Lee's and they had alot of funny stories to tell. It was a good week for sure!

I sure Love all of yall 

With Love, Elder Larson

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