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Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 36

Oh my goodness this past week has been a huge twist, here I was celebrating my Birthday last Friday night, by looking at all the stuff I got, then at 9:45pm we get a call from the AP's. My first thought was that they were going to sing me Happy Birthday, but they told me I was being Emergency Transferred out of West Seattle, so I had to pack everything as tight as possible and had all my suitcases full, a box of candy, and a trash bag of stuff. On Saturday Elder Barrick and I did some contacting before 11:45 and we were both working hard even to the end! While at the Mission Office, President Schofield gave us a pep talk and told me I was going to Edmonds with Elder Sorensen, we then packed my stuff into another car with other Elders giving us a ride. Our area is a bus and walk area. So far the ward and members are great!

Monday: Zone Sports Day soccor/kickball

Tuesday: weekly planning

Wednesday: I forgot to bring my Journal, so I really don't remember what I did

Thursday: District meeting

Friday: My B-day, got my amazing package from an amazing mother who loves me, thankfully all those food gift cards can also be used in Edmonds!!!

Sat: Went to Edmonds unpacked, helped a member move in, went to a child of record Baptism, ate dinner at a Fiji members home. Polynesian parties are the best, all about that Islander love!

Sun: Lots of member lessons and dinner with Bishop Haven, he is so charismatic. 

Today: Zone sports day(yea got two) and saw a guy get taken down by a female officer, that was some Legit action right there!

Other stories: Elder Sorensen and I got bit by a members German Shepard, the members told us he never bites, yet we both went to pet him and he nipped both of us, but we are still fine.

Also: The sun is coming out and I hear that it would be wise to have some short sleeve shirts at most three, so when it gets hot ya got somthin to wear. Other than that I am good on supplies. Thanks again mom!!!

With Love, Elder Larson

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