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Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 35

This week we had a lot of exchanges!

Monday P-day: B-balled with Vashon, then had dinner with Hendershott's, they had a nonmember friend over! Ken was his name and he was interested in our services! 

Tuesday: Since Elder Barrick is the District Leader, he is in charge of District meetings, he asked me to make an Ice breaker game so the whole district could get to know each other.  It was fun and at the end Elder Barrick had everyone bear their testimonies, it was a spiritual experience! Then we went on Exchanges with the Samoa Elders, I was with Elder Smith, big guy with a solid testimony. Drove out of mission again which is always fun especially when it is approved. Talked to Samoans and ate Samoan food, they had this dish called Oca, I asked what it was and the guy told me RAW FISH, I asked what kind of fish, the guy shrugged his arms and said "I don't know", I ate a whole bowl of it, because if you don't eat the members won't like you, just kidding, but it's still polite to eat what they give you! Played B-ball with some Samoa kids, also played Pool with a Samoan member, he was like my dad just clearing the table everytime, but the last game I got lucky, because he hit the 8ball into the wrong pocket, so yeah it was fun being in Samoa for a day, I would definitely not survive two years in a Polynesian country!

Wednesday: Exchanged back, Gave a member at the hospital a blessing, Elder Barrick blessed that she will walk again and I know she will too, cause Christ overcame everything! Contacted Alki saw a lot of real Fancy super expensive cars driving around. Ate dinner with the Roberts, they are a very unique family, the Husband especially was very intellectual and was asking us really good questions, after our lesson he gave us some really good feedback and it was as if we were there to learn from him? Knocked on big houses to no avail.

Thursday: Weekly Planned, Met our Ward Mission Leaders neighbor Vern, real nice Lutheran man who is interested in us coming back. Taught a lesson to some Cambodians, Seth and Nara, while there they gave us some food which was really nice, but they will take some work...Also ran into a lady that looked and talked like Chanda Miller it was crazy, I did not know what to say, but she was a very nice lady!

Friday: Did some solid service for the Food Bank. A random lady gave us a 20$ gift card to an Ice Cream place. Saw a Member hanging out with his friends, it was so funny to mess with him, he was getting so embarrassed. Had dinner with a LA PMF(Less Active Part member Family)
We met this nonmember who told us his wife was less active and they were moving in a week, but he invited us to come over, because his In Laws were coming to help move and would love to meet us, them being still Active. Dinner was awesome, they had a boy almost 18months who went absolutely nuts while we were there it was quite the sight! Then went to the Zone Leaders apartment in Burian and stayed with them for the Night.

Saturday: Elder Barrick and I went on splits with Elder Hymas and Fallott in their area, Burian. I was with Elder Fallott who is from Gilbert, Arizona. We did some service for an old guy, weed whacking and there was this trash can full of water, dirt, and weeds, that smelled like a dead cat! We took care of it and I'll leave it at that! We did a lot of tracting and I saw a cat straight out of walking dead, it was lying on a door step with flys all over it, I went to knock on the door and this zombie cat hissed at me.  It sounded like a dead person screaming from the dead, it was creepy so we left that house. Went to Baptismal Service for the Tongan Elders, they Baptized a family of four, woo more souls for the Lord.

Sunday: Back in West Seattle we went to church. Gave a blessing to a member that got his hand crushed by a car. Went to Primary and sang songs and played games! Had dinner with Bishop and his family and his two little girls are just hilarious, jumping around and saying nonsense. Also visited the Elders family to see how they are doing and they have a person in mind that they want us to meet with soon!

This week is special to me, because this Sunday is my Home Boy's Birthday, shout out to Aiden James Larson!

With Love, Elder Larson

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