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Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 32

My Family and Friends, 

Words cannot explain, the feelings inside Brain
This week was fine, wish I had more time
To serve the wonderful people in West Seattle!

Here is the Rundown:

Monday: Hung out with the Vashon Elders, Elder Walton and Elder Francias, my MTC Comp. we spent the day on Vashon Island, we got there by Ferry, which is allowed, because it is the only way to Vashon, it was sunny, so we walked the beach and saw some wildlife, then played hardcore basketball in the Gym, Vashon Island needless to say was very awesome. Had Breakfast for dinner with the Rivero family. 

Tuesday: Elder Woolf and I did a Tag Team Training on Key Indicators, to many this is a boring subject, but somehow Elder Woolf and I made it super Fun! We have been tracting alot for new investigators and found two, not so solid, but will see next week.

Wednesday: Volunteered at the Food Bank again and all we really do is stacking, which is fun, because I consider it an extra Workout. Went tracting close to the beach, bad idea those people are far from humble. Made Chili Cheese Dogs for ourselves and they were fantastic! 

Thursday: Had taco tuesday, which means I cracked out taco skills which I gain from helping out all those taco nights at home, my cooking skills are becoming better, I am a better judge of what needs to be cooked longer and what not. Also wore green bow ties that Elder Woolf's mom sent him! Had Elder Hymas with us today, because his Comp. Elder Follet is sick, they are our Zone Leader, so it was really fun to learn from Elder Hymas while tracting and we got another two Investigators who are a little more solid. We met a lady who named her child Magnus James Atticus!

Friday: Did yard work for the Bevilaquas, an Italian family in our ward. Met up with the Hoffmans again and talked a lot about missionary work. Another Fun day of Tracting. Had Gelato again before we headed in, because Gelato is the best dessert I have ever had.

Saturday: Went to the Easter Egg Hunt with our Investigator Jasmine, her daughter Angelina, Jasmine's friend Lydia, and her daughter Rosie. It was so cute to see all the kids sharing their candy with these girls they have never met. Elder Sill and Hunt showed up at our apartment to give us a Red Velvet Cake some members made for them, but since they get enough food as it is, they gave it to us. Yet again another day of tracting and we met Daniel, a guy who has zero faith in God, but really wants to believe, so we comitted him to read the BoM and Pray! We are excited about him.  We went to this Teriyaki place, we heard about from the Tongan Elders, they said the owner was Mormon and gives them free Potstickers. It just so happened that this place was in our area, so we went and it was probably the best Teriyaki I have ever had!

Sunday: At the last minute Elder Woolf and I were asked to teach Elders Quorum and Primary, so I taught Elders Quorum on the Atonement and Resurrection, while Elder Woolf got 7yr olds pumped about missionary work. Had dinner with Colborns some Broccoli casserole which is one of my Favs. Went to  Member-Missionary Fireside at Bothell stake center, Theme was on Prophets. Remember follow the Prophets for they know the way!

Yep, my week was fun and Exciting a whole lot better than shooting guns for a week ;)

With Love, Yours Truly, Beautiful Elder Larson

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