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Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 30

I have been expecting you!

Here's the rundown!

Monday: Ate at a Pizza buffet with Elders Sharp, Weller, Heppler, Toelupe, and Woolf. Then we had a B-ball smackdown, it was great! Had dinner with the Roth's and they made a lot of food and they kept saying "Elders Eat Eat, Eat the rest we don't want it, EAT!" I thought it was hilarious and their kids were fun to be around as well, a Five and Three year old!

Tuesday: Had another wonderful District meeting by Elder Sill on Personal Revelation, he had Elder Woolf give a training and Elder Woolf was super nervous, but he gave an awesome training. We went to DQ for lunch with Vashon since they still had an hour before the next Ferry! (DQ giftcard would be appreciated). Had a great day of knocking on doors, sadly not many people were home. Ate dinner with the Grimes, they are big into Star Wars, so we had something to talk about.

Wednesday: Elder Woolf had a meeting with Sister Schofield concerning his health, Elder Hodsen at the same time was having a meeting with President Schofield, so Elder McalMurrey and I were together and since he is from Gilbert and went to Basha we had some stuff to talk about. ;) Met the Allens a family that randomly puts food outside our apartment door, so it was nice to finally meet them, since the Husband is sick they don't go to church, but they truly live the gospel down to the T. Got a lot of Potential, but no new Investigators yet. Set up chairs for a funeral during a YW event that had a lot of refreshments. "Oh look the Elders heard there was going to be food!" at least that's what I think everybody thinks.

Thursday: Elder Woolf was sick today and so we stayed inside most of the day, but Elder Woolf really wanted to work so we tracted for an hour and visited the Meyadas the ward missionaries, so that was cool. Almost went insane staying inside most of the day.

Friday: Zone Training, President Wood and Miller and their wives were released it was so heart felt, since they spent almost six years serving this mission. Went on Exchanges afterwards with Elder Hunt and visited potentials, nobody was home, then we tracted this neighborhood that was 99% Muslim, it was my first time talking to Muslim, we even got a new investigator that is Muslim. Met the Elders family, they have a son on a mission, they call him Elder Elder, I still find it funny. 

Saturday: Met up with Francen and answered questions about the Book of Mormon. Exchanged back with Elder Woolf, who after being in the Tongan ward was again sick, so we stayed in and this time I did go Insane! We went  to an Italian Ice cream place and got dessert, so that we were not stuck inside all night.  

Sunday: I said the Opening Prayer. Fast and Testimony meeting was great, the members shared great testimonies on missionary work. We had dinner that day with the Bighams and they were a fun older couple to be with. Then we met the Patricelies and had a great lesson, then their 11 year old son challenged me to chess, I accepted the challenge. This kid beat me so hard it hurt, turns out he is the #1 chess player in his grade level at tournaments! I was fooled!

Anyways, I wanna let all of you know that I am having loads of fun in West Seattle and I absolutely love this area! I pray for all of you and that's a fact! 

With great Love, Elder Larson

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