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Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 31

 Family and friends,

This week we did loads of tracting, because our teaching pool is pretty low and we have been blessed with seven new investigators, not sure how solid yet, but we are visiting them this week. The most solid investigator Norma, we found knocking in the rain, at first she was talking to us through the window, but after talking to her she opened the door and excepted a BoM from us. The second solid investigator is Kyle, we found him knocking  at an apartment complex and he was super nice and after talking to him he accepted a pamphlet and said next time we come by he will have cookies. Third solid investigator is Steven, we found him knocking in the rain and we were bored so Elder Woolf was singing Hotel California, because we heard the song inside someones house.  He was really getting into it when suddenly the door opened wide with this big guy staring us down, we both just really wanted to laugh, but we kept our cool and talked to this guy, he was very happy to see us, because he going to have open heart surgery this week and he needed something to read so he gladly accepted a BoM. 
On another note I got bit by a cat a while ago and I got rash, because of it, it's gone now, but the joke was I was going to turn into a cat so my District Leader Elder Sill would call at night and ask me if I turned into a cat yet! You all should not worry I am having a great time in west Seattle, I have not been mugged yet or robbed at gun point. My District is the best and we are very close. Elder Woolf and I make everyday a great day, this transfer is going by so fast! We did service at the Food Bank again stacking boxes and some workers gave a comment on how they have never seen volunteers work so hard, I felt good about myself especially at that time. We also did service for Sister Sivley the lady that sends Mom and Dad pics of me. We whacked her bushes near death, she was happy with our work and took us out for Fish n Chips.  I can't decide my favorite, because I like the Cod, Halibut, and Salmon, who would of guessed I would like fish! We visited some great members, the Hoffmans, a Russian newlywed couple, they are awesome and they invited us over just to eat cake.  We ate dinner at the Mackleys  and we had Deer meat, not as good as Elk meat, but still pretty good. The first shall be last, because the last thing I want to talk about is P-day. Zone sports day, we played soccer/Ultimate Frisbee, wasn't good at soccer, but I did surprisingly well at Frisbee. Elder Woolf and I just chilled at the Mall for the rest of the day!

I wants to let everybody know, That I love them and Like them!

With a magnitude of Love, Elder Larson

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