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Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 23

What can I say, was this week good or should I say bad or should I tell the truth? ALWAYS go with HONESTY, it will save your life! Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

Aloha everybody and a happy January, at least for me. This past week Elder Farr and I tried something different. Instead of choosing a place to tract, we decided to just ride until the spirit told us where to go. We found some really beautiful neighborhoods, I don't remember seeing, so we followed the spirit and tracked away. Turns out all the places we tracked were full of prideful people. The difference though at least for me, is that their mean, rude, unnecessary comments went right over my head and Elder Farr and I stood our ground and we were not confounded before men. I know that the spirit took us to those neighborhoods to experience how when we rely on the Lord he will help us in the very second we need it. On Frida for whatever reason I didn't eat lunch, while Elder Farr did. After that we went contacting in downtown Mercer before our volunteer shift at the thrift shop. A Security Guard pulled up right next to us and asked us if we are the missionaries. Elder Farr and I were skeptical of saying yes in fear that he would make us go home, but we said yes anyway, because we fear God more than men. It turns out the Security Guard is a member from a ward in the Spokane Mission and he is working at a construction site on Mercer Island. His name was Burt and Burt offered us lunch at a Mexican restaurant and my dying stomach cried out yes!!! We went to Qdoba and had massive burritos, Elder Farr got a Quesadilla since he already ate. Burt used to live in New Mexico and complained how Mexican restaurants get worse and worse as they get farther away from Mexico and I agree. The Mexican food here is okay but so is Taco Bell and Taco Bell is the lowest on the Mexican chain in Arizona. It was great to meet Burt, he was happy to know there is a ward on the Island, because sometimes he can't make it to his ward due to work, so he was happy to of seen us. I started making Jello, because it is delicious and easy to do. I even made Jello for Gary and his family. It was funny when I brought it over cause I was like " I brought you some Jello" and Gary was like " whats Jello, you mean jelly. Gary's english is so good I forget he is Chinese sometimes. He is so close to being baptized, he just needs to admit he feels the spirit. We are definitely close friends by now, we are even becoming close friends with their 7 year old son Harry, who doesn't speak English, but I think he can tell that we are good people especially since we brought Jello and he really liked it. Gary has challenged me in a game of BackGammon so I'm a bit shaky on the rules, but it seems like an interesting game. We are visiting Gary and Emily again this Friday, which I think is Harry's Birthday, but I need to confirm, cause if it is, we are bringing more Jello for sure. Sunday was Great we had the Stake Primary Presidency speak and all their talks were fantastic. Their was a solo music number by sister Rice, singing "How Great Thou Art", on the last verse she started crying and couldn't sing, so the congregation started singing it and the very last phrase sister Rice got back into it and sang with Triumph in her voice "HOW GREAT THOU ART", the spirit was absolutely so strong. Our investigators were touched by it. Elder Farr and I taught Elders Quorum, Ch 2 of the teachings of Howard W. Hunter. It was on Peace and it was something I was born to talk about. Elder Farr and I started off Shaky, but immediately the spirit worked through us and our lesson was powerful. 

This week has been a really spiritual week for me and has helped me strenghthen my testimony. 

With the Love of the Spirit, Elder Larson

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