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Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 22

Jan. 11, 2016

Dear my peeps around the world,

This week was pretty exciting. I have almost knocked on every door on Mercer Island. I am so close, just a couple more streets. We did lots of tracting this past week, we also had many slammed doors and angry people, but no Investigators to show for our hard work. I believe this past week was a trial for us to knock on all those prideful doors.  At times I wanted to stop and other times Elder Farr wanted to stop, but it was amazing how when one of us was down the other would lift the others spirits. I feel if there was one thing I learned, it is to not offend God. While knocking on these angry doors, I felt that the reason they were mad was that we were offending them. So I stopped saying our message was about Jesus Christ to the Jews and I was not trying to convey our message, because I didn't want to offend anybody. I felt an impression in my head that said "who would you rather offend, God or Men, cause if you are not trying your best at every door in sharing this message of happiness, you are wasting Gods time therefore offending God."  Once I felt this strong impression, I told Elder Farr about it; we both got excited and started doing our very best at each door. The people still got very mad, but Elder Farr and I no longer cared about that, because we were sharing our message boldly until that door was shut. It might of been a boring week, but in other respects I really learned to follow the Lord's will. 

Big thing that happened this past week. We were doing our shift at the thrift shop where we volunteer, when a nice black car drives up to drop off donations. A really old guy got out of the car, but he didn't put his car in park, so his car began rolling forward. Another volunteer yelled at him that his car was not is park, so the old man jumped back in his car, but instead of hitting his brakes, he stepped on the gas and the car roared forward with the intensity of lion attacking his prey. Poor Elder Farr was working on a basket of clothes, separating the good clothes from the bad.  The nice black car hit the basket and almost knocked Elder Farr over. If the old man had taken his foot off the gas even a little later, it would have knocked Elder Farr and injured him greatly or even killed him. Luckily the Lord was watching over Elder Farr and he is still alive right now. 

I love you all so much, this is all the energy I have to email right now, but I will email you all next week, I guarantee it!  

With Love, Elder Larson


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