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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week 8

Dear My Beautiful Mother,

I am writing one day late, because Transfers were today. I was not transferred neither was my companion, but Elder Mun and Sill are gone ): Elder Hales was called a District Leader so we had to go to district training for a couple of hours, it was exhausting. Make sure you watch General Conference and then re watch it, cause it is that good, I truly was inspired to work harder and help others. Last P-day we played football With Elder Mun and Sill, with an appearance of our Zone Leaders Elder Whiting and Jennings, our football got real intense, my team won though with Elder Mun and Hales on my team. Ate fish for the first time this mission at Brother Jacobsons house, it was called Hal bat (look it up). My companion and I were invited to a Fiesta, we ate all kinds of food, the kind that Jacob gets to eat 24/7, there was also cake with jello on top, it was pretty good. We taught Vikki the Gospel of Jesus Christ and her friend Maxine came to listen, we invited them both to read, pray, and watch conference, they both said yes. We also taught a Jewish lady named Stella, she feels like she knows this is true and would like to be baptized, but she thinks its to hard of a change, with her father being a holocaust survivor, with her daughter going to a Jewish school, and with herself teaching at a Jewish school. We asked her to watch General Conference and pray about it. Josh Lopez is reading and praying, but we are really trying to get him to come to church and we are also trying to find fellowship, so he will have Mormon friends his own age. This week has been great, we have found multiple people who are investigating our gospel and we hope to get some On-Date for Baptism.

With Sincere Love for the Lord, Elder Larson

P.S. With the no soda thing, Root Beer doesn't count. Elder Mun gave my Dr. Pepper to other Elders. The Thrift Shop is not Church owned

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