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Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 11

Dear Super Fantastic Family,

This week was amazing, just a whole bunch of ups with little to no downs. I am understanding the deep, deep doctrine more, because some of the investigators we teach, are smart and want everything behind each verse or phrase. I am bearing my testimony a lot more and Elder Hales and I are just super determined to serve the people of Mercer. On P-day Elders Hales, Mun, his new companion Tate, Nelson, his new companion Van Wagner, Jennings, Whiting, and I played soccer world cup as companionship's and football, it was fun. I kicked a few goals and caught the football 90% of the time. Elder Mun got a leg cramp and was being overly dramatic about it. Elders Nelson, Tate, and I went to Cloud 9 and ate some fantastic burgers because our companions had to go to a meeting. Tuesday we had Zone interviews, it was nice and intellectual. I was going to go on exchanges with Elder Whiting, but an emergency transfer was made and Elder Whiting had to go to a new area, so Elder Jennings and Van Wagner are zone leaders and Elder Nelson is still part of their companionship, but has no authority. The Beans fed us breakfast for dinner, as in pancakes and eggs, they were good then I had a meeting with the ward mission leaders, Bro. Jacobson and he gave us expensive sausages, that  were fantastic. Wednesday, we helped a guy help catch his two dogs that were just running around in the middle of the street, he was thankful but not interested. We then worked at the Thrift shop and Elder Hales found a $200 brand new pair of shoes that were donated,  he asked how much they would sell it for and the manager said $8.76 so Elder Hales jumped on that offer. Thursday Elder Hales and I spent three hours mowing this persons lawn, man they haven't mowed for seasons and their lawn was a jungle. We then attended Binai Shalom a Jewish Mormon event, we tried to get Stella to it, but she couldn't make it. The food there was great and we sang songs in Hebrew, then we watched this presentation on the twelve tribes of Israel, we then, met a non-member Fran there and we asked if we can meet up and she said why not. Friday, we taught this lady Jackie and her friend Steven at a McDonald's, we answered many of their questions and they want to meet us again two Fridays from now. Worked at thrift shop again. Read 2 Nephi 2 with Stella, she asks really good questions and she is always satisfied with the answer, I feel like she gets closer to conversion every time we meet her. Also, I taught a referral from Bellevue, Gary doesn't think he is ready for baptism yet, but he will attend church, read, and pray. Saturday, I introduced a man to Family Search, his name is Peter, he lost his right hand in the Korean war, but has a hook in place of it, I thought he was pretty cool. Did more service for Vicki in her yard. Then set up Trunk or Treat and at the event we had so many non-members and investigators there, we could barely talk to everybody.  We got a bunch of people that want to meet us now, it's amazing. Sunday we invited four Investigators to church, only Smile came and he liked it. Two members also got friends to come, so we got two new investigators to add to the list. Man this week was amazing. Elder Hales and I taught so many lessons and we are finally getting members excited for missionary work. We have been told that we are a really solid companionship. I learned this week that Elder Hales is colorblind, wow I was surprised. Anyway I hope all is well on your side. 
This Elder Larson Signing Off! Peace!

With Much Love, Elder Larson

PS: I did get the package from grandma, I loved it. I will think about things I will need in my next package, thank you so much.

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