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Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 10

Dear Fantastic Mom,

This week was fantastic and amazing. Elder Hales and I found a couple of solid investigators and we have committed multiple investigators to come we to church. On Monday we played Soccer as a zone and I did pretty well as a goalie, then ate dinner with Bro. Hsu, he provided a massive meal and then on the side gave us bread, peanut butter, oranges, and banana bread to take home. Visited Linda a member who is a recovering alcoholic, she is awesome, but sometimes you can tell she is struggling, so we try to motivate her to move on and trust in the Lord. Tuesday was great we talked to a lot of people that wanted to invite us inside their homes, but we couldn't since they were all female and we didn't have any other males around us, so that was interesting, we need to get male members to come out with us, so we can hasten the work. I received letters that day from Papa and Nancy and in one phrase," It lifted me up", and it did, I was excited to get back into the field. Wednesday I finally had Thai food for dinner, it was also vegetarian style, it was really good, but I wonder if it would taste better with meat. On Thursday we had 2nd Transfer training, so I saw all my MTC buds, we also held the meeting in the Mercer Island building. Saturday we help a member move out, then we helped this older Jewish lady with odd chores around the house, we then saw our investigator Josh Lopez and his mom while riding to our apartment and they were trying to replace their car battery, but they were having issues, so we helped them to the best of our knowledge and our prayers were answered, because Joshua's mom asked him if was coming to church this Sunday, not yesterday, because it was stake conference and by luck Josh said yes and we ended up getting the car working without damaging it. Right after that a old guy asked us if we would helped them move for 20 dollars, we said no, we well do it for free, so we ended up helping a family move in to the apartment a building away from us, we gave them our phone number and they might call us over for a barbecue. After that we had no time for lunch, because we needed to go to Vicki's house, because she asked us to do some yard work for her. When we got there she had ham and cheese sandwiches, a gallon of chocolate milk, cans of root beer, chips, and cookies. It was a blessing, we also met her oldest son Ryan who is the Oregon Ducks broadcaster, he showed us some of his skills and taught us some helpful tips and tricks in life. Sunday was stake conference and we heard from our Mission President. There was a Member-Missionary Fireside as well and basically a meeting where we hear testimonies of recent converts and Missionaries sing songs. It was very spiritual and I can't wait to get our investigators up there bearing their testimonies. I'm looking forward to this next week. I thank you all for the wonderful support you give me.

With Love, Elder Larson

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