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Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 4

Dear People that love me,
I have had a good week, lots of tracting, a couple of people have actually told us that they don't like our door to door approach. My companion was pretty happy about my enthusiasm to serve and how I'm really trying to improve. I told him that I may not know anybody here or what they are like, but I know god loves them, so I will try my best to love them. I have improved a lot going up and down hills, We went down this really steep hill while it was wet, we came upon a stop sign, but I didn't press my breaks early enough and blew through the stop sign, luckily there was no cars driving, but a police car was parked right over there and the police officer wanted to talk to me, but really he wanted to yell at me about how illegal that was and how disrespectful it was that I ran a stop sign right in front of him. I told him I was sorry and that I just started biking a week ago and haven't gotten used to going down steep hills, the officer didn't like my explanation and almost gave me a ticket, but he gave me a warning luckily. I wanted to say my dads a cop as well, but he was really grouchy. So I let the man do his job and didn't give him any trouble. Sorry I broke the law dad. Speaking of laws, on Mercer Island it is completely legal to Jaywalk, cause its never busy traffic wise. I'm really looking forward to meeting my investigators and teaching them. I Bore my testimony in sacrament yesterday and everybody loved it of course. I felt like I almost died yesterday, because while we were fasting we rode our bikes about 7 miles before dinner and probably walked another mile or two. When it was raining, I was hoping People would be more willing to listen to our message, but not so much, they wouldn't even let us sing. Other than that I have shared the message multiple times and have helped others feel the spirit and have invited them to act, so we will see where this is going. I pray for nothing, but the best for you guys.

Mom I am so thankful for all the things you have done for me even though I'm not goods at saying it, but I truly appreciate what you have done for me and what you are doing for me.

With Love, Elder Matthew Larson

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