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Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 3

Dear Mom,

It has been a very strange week, after the transfer meeting was over, my trainer Elder Hales, who is from Idaho took me to an appointment with an investigator who is Chinese named Sigrid, she was nice and very cooperative, but she is Buddhist and knows nothing about god, so i cant wait to talk to her again, the next day was a p-day, but for three hours, because P-days are generally on Monday. After getting stuff unpacked, i hung out with the District leader Elder Mun, he is South Korean and had to learn English on the mission, he has a strong testimony and is such a great guy, his companion is Elder Sill, who was in my class at the MTC. Tracting has been a whole new experience for me, everybody on Mercer Island are millionaires and really don't like talking to us, but we do find those who are seeking the truth eventually and that’s why I am here. I had to stay at the mission home to help watch Elder Newman an AP who caught pneumonia, so I got to learn many things form him. Another missionary broke both arms in a bike crash and was sent home. Last night i was going down a very steep hill on my bike and there was a turn, but i was going way to fast to turn and i was going to hit a wall, so i press on my breaks, but i was going way to fast so when i braked I still fell off, I only scraped my hands a little bit, but other than that I'm fine, It was a very scary moment for me, because i did not want to be injured and go home. I gave out 1 Book of Mormon and taught 2 lessons to people at the door and I probably sang 50 times, because if they don’t want to hear the message you ask them if you can sing a song for them, half the time they say yes, the other half give a mean no. I met my Bishop, Bishop Post who has just been called so it will be interesting to work with him. My ward mission leader Brother Jolly has taught me many great ideas on how to involve members in missionary work, and Brother Jacobson is the assistant to the ward mission leader and he is a convert, he has such a great testimony, plus I hear he always helps the missionary's out with stuff they need. I went on splits with Elder Mun and we went tracting on Saturday before the Seahawks pre season game, everybody when they answered their door would say they getting ready for the game or were watching the game, so nobody wanting to hear our message, the whole time Elder Mun was saying "I hate Seahawks, what more important preseason game or your Salvation", he cracks me up. Last night we were tracting and a guy opened up the door and was genuinely excited to see us so I started talking about the wonderful message we would like to bear, then my trainer said that the guy was a member brother Vassau, I was so surprised he was the first member I met outside of church and reason he wasn’t at church was, because he was on a plane flying home from BYU Idaho where he dropped his son for college. I have had such a wonderful week and I have learned so much, I love you and miss you. As for a package, Dr. pepper is always good, but no more junk food, i get enough of that already from members. I would also like some pictures of you guys and maybe some more toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, and floss, from your amazing stock, so I can save money not paying for it here. My allowance is $152, but everything is a little bit more expensive here, so its nice to get a couple of things out of the way. I will be okay buying food for myself, mainly fruits and sandwich stuff, so I can feed myself nutritious stuff for breakfast and lunch, Dinner I will be fed. I dont have an Ipad, but I hear we will receive Ipads soon, because they are going to make every mission in the states an I pad mission. Again I love and miss you Mom

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