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Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 5

Dear awesome Mom,

This week has been fantastic, the sun has been shining and its only 70 degrees, talk about perfect weather. My biking skills have grown exponentially, I can now go up those steep hills faster and not as tired, down hill wise, I have the whole braking thing down to a science. Going down some of these steep hills have really made me feel like I was going down a roller coaster, because of how fast I'm going. Dinners with members have gone really well, my manners are top notch and the food has been exquisite to the taste, but that's what you get on Mercer with the main inhabitants being millionaires. Elder Hales and I have helped with a food drive handing out fliers and doing that has really helped me talk to everybody. I spent $15 dollars on my bike, which included lights and a bike lock and a helmet. Last P-day Elder Mun, Sill, Hales, and I spent 3 hours playing ping pong and Basketball, I have increased my skill so much concerning these sports with the help of my companion Elder Hales, who is an athlete extraordinaire. We had zone conference this week and whoever had the cleanest car got an extra 100 miles and Elder Hales and I really wanted that, because our car only has 150 miles, so we only use it on P-days and to drive to meetings, on the island all the shopping centers are so expensive, so we shop off the island which costs us 10 miles round trip. Our area is one of the few areas that has a lot of biking, most areas do more driving so they 1000 to 2000 miles. We washed our car really nice so that we could win, sadly some sisters won instead, next time though we are going to bribe the judge. Just kidding. We had Primary program yesterday, where all the kids sing, it was the first Sunday that had a full house, It was very entertaining. Two older ladies showed up out of nowhere wanting to know more about our church and they loved the Primary program. This week I have testified many times what I believed was true to the people, even though most of them blow me off I know I will touch the heart of somebody and they by the spirit will know these things are true.

Sincerely, Elder Matthew Larson

P. S. I have not received the bottle, but hopefully I will see it soon. I love you so much Mom and I pray for nothing but the best for you. With Love, Your Favorite Son

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