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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Week 2

Dear mom,
I flew on the plane and had such an amazing experience, the sight from the plane was breathtaking, you wouldn't believe it, Seattle from the sky was a beautiful sight that I will always remember. I sat in the mission office for 6 hours, because we had 29 missionary's come in and they needed to put all of us into companionships. It was nice having the 6 hours to talk to all the other missionaries and hearing all their testimonies. After that I got my companion Elder Hales, who has only been out here for six weeks and is already a trainer. I'm living in a nice apartment on Mercer Island, where all the rich people live. Right after we got our trainers we were supposed to go to the apartment and unpack, but Elder Hale had an appointment, so after traveling and talking to missionaries all day, I helped Elder Hales teach a lesson to a investigator. He said I did a great job, then we knocked on doors and sang to people who opened them, because this mission is a singing mission and we are required in sing in the shower, in the car, and to investigators. My job is to memorize church songs, so that's fun. I haven't unpacked much cause I have been busy, but I hope I can unpack the rest of it tonight. I heard we are having 30 more missionaries in 6 weeks so I may or may not be a trainer by then. Anyway, I love everything about Seattle so far and I love being out here and serving others. When ye are in the service of your fellow being, ye are only in the service of your god.

I love you mom and I hope you are doing fine, I am praying for you and everybody else when I wake up and before I sleep.  When I am in the field I promise I will not think about you, because I am serving god and if I'm busy thinking about you guys, I will get really home sick. I know this work is the lords work and I am blessed to do it.

With Love, Elder Matthew Larson

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