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Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 13

Dear mi Mom,

Monday was P-day and I played Basketball. I also taught a guy who was shaking the whole time and explained the churches view point on Christ, because he said he heard Mormons don't believe in Christ. The lesson went well, he didn't want to meet up again, but I think we left a good impression on him. Tuesday was a Tuesday, which means a lot of tracting. We found a cool guy named Preston and he was very open with us. We taught him the Restoration and then asked him to be baptized Dec. 5th and he said if he gets a confirmation from the holy ghost he will be baptized. We also taught Gary and Emile about the Plan of Salvation, Gary asks very good questions and we feel the spirit as we answer these questions.  Then we talked a lot on faith and he is struggling with it, so we committed him to do family prayer and to kneel down and pray and I know that his faith will grow as he does these things. Wednesday was rough. We had a couple of lessons planned with investigators with a member present and all, but one fell through. Vicki, our on date investigator's lesson, almost fell through because our guy who was supposed to come with us bailed on us ten minutes before the lesson and we needed a guy to get in the house.  So we called everybody and luckily we got Bro. Jolley to come with us and we were only ten minutes late to the lesson, but she was OK with it and we taught a great lesson on modern day prophets and by the end of it she understood why we need prophets. Thursday we did lots of tracting and met a nice Hindu guy who claimed that all our religions are the same. Met a kid, whose mom investigated the church before, and we are going to teach him and his mom soon. Friday was fun and we volunteered at the Thrift shop again. Our lesson with Stella fell through and we went on exchanges with Elder Van Wagner in the Newport area and taught two nice older ladies. 
Saturday was good, Elder Van Wagner made me Cinnamon rolls and shared some of his favorite stories in the old testament, he's a great missionary and can talk to anybody about anything and relate it to the Gospel. We did a mini mission that day, so we went to the Issaquah ward and knocked on doors with the youth to show them what missionary work is like.  I had Trevor, a 17 year old convert and Race, a 15 year old member. The first couple of lessons were shaky, but they learned to work better together as a companionship and had a very spiritual lesson by the end of it. They weren't there to watch me, I was the there to watch them and support them. It was Fantastic. Then I went back to Mercer Island and Elder Hales and I taught Griffin the Plan of Salvation, at first it was shaky, but by the end of it the spirit was so strong and we asked Griffin to be baptized Nov. 28th and he said yes!
Sunday was Special, church was packed because of a baby blessing. Classes were good as always. I helped Jake Jacobson move his printer, since he just had shoulder surgery. Taught a member about the Word of Wisdom because they are struggling with addiction but we know that they can fight through it and go to the temple eventually.  We are praying for this member to have strength to withstand temptation.  We had a meeting with President Schofield and he only called 15 companionship's to this meeting. I thought, wow we are either test driving the new Ipads or we are going to be filmed for the District 3, sadly it was neither. President Schofield called one person from each companionship including Elder Hales to be trainers, so either i'm leaving next transfer or Elder Hales. I was kind of disappointed since we are really making a difference on Mercer Island for the better, but the Lord knows where we need to be, so all I can do is follow his direction. As 1 Nephi 3:7 says "I will go I will do the things the Lord commands"

Anyway I love you all and cherish every email and letter that is sent my way. (Hint, Hint)

With Love, Elder M. Robert Larson  

P.S. I don't exactly know what I want. Send me gift cards. IBC Root Beer. Other cool things you can think of. 

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