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Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 38

Sorry everyone that I'm emailing so Late, but we are doing Fantastic work here in Edmonds! Today we spent a couple hours helping a less active prep her house to be painted. You got to hear this story:  

One Morning we get a call on the Phone from a lady in the Mountlake Ward, she asked us if we can help her Less active Cousin paint her house, so we were like "Sure we'd Love to!", Then later on that same day, while walking to our apartment. A car slows down and this lady that was driving yelled out " I Love You Guys", she drove away and Elder Sorensen and I looked at eachother and were like " Meh just one of those days", but her car turned around and she yelled "Wait don't leave please", our response "okay sounds good", she pulled into Burger King and we walked up to her car and she said " I was upset and praying to God that I would run into Missionaries, can I please get a Blessing?" Our response "Why of course you can, there is a member that lives right around the corner we will use their place", So we get to the house and the members were cool with us using their place. We gave a blessing and she said she felt so much better, then something clicked in her head "wait I think I talked to both of you this morning to help my cousin Move", Whoa our minds were blown "No Way, how cool is that?". So today we helped with the prep work and later this week we will start painting. This lady though is super cool and so are her kids, so they will be fun to work with!

Many others things that were awesome and crazy happened as well, but I'll have to tell you next week. Till Then, I leave you with Love and Prayers!

With Love, Elder Larson

P.S. Whoa Jacobs home this week! 😃

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